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Aktualisierung: 02.08.2017

EcoEvent: Organising environmentally friendly events

ÖkoEvent is the umbrella brand name for the City of Vienna’s ecologically friendly events!

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Every year countless events take place in Vienna, ranging from small street parties or conferences to major cultural events. Events should be organised in such a way that not only do they provide entertainment and a pleasant atmosphere, but they are also environmentally friendly. This conserves resources, reduces waste and emissions and leads to carefree celebration in Vienna.

Advantages of an EcoEvent

Organising your event in an environmentally friendly fashion is not only good for the environment, but also means higher standards and quality for the visitors. This, of course, improves your image as an event organiser. Your exemplary event will be advertised on

Planning an EcoEvent

You can save a lot of time and money by considering the ecological aspects of your event from the very beginning. Involve sponsors and partners as early as possible to ensure that no environmentally unsuitable products are used at your event.
Even if you are already in the middle of planning an event, it is (almost) never too late to seek advise on how to take the necessary ecological measures to transform your event into an Eco-Event!

Criteria of EcoEvent

The following list provides an overview of all criteria to be taken into consideration when organizing an
EcoEvent: EcoEvent Criteria.

Examples of measures


  • Good accessibility to the events by public transport
  • Admission ticket also serves as ticket for public transport
  • Installation of mobile cycle stands

Energy & Water

  • Energy-efficient electrical appliances and lighting systems
  • Electricity supplied directly from the public electricity grid instead of diesel generators
  • Water-saving devices, taps and fittings


  • Information for visitors and staff about the Eco-Event
  • Your exemplary event will be advertised on


  • Organic, regional, seasonal and fair-trade food and beverages
  • Avoidance of food waste
  • Viennese high quality tap water improves your image as an event organiser.

Waste reduction and waste separation

  • Use of non-disposable products such as beverages served in returnable cups and glasses, e.g. the Vienna returnable beaker, reusable dishes and cutlery
  • No active distribution of promotional materials
  • Waste separation systems in both visitor and backstage areas
  • Creation of a waste disposal plan for major events

How to turn your event into an Eco-Event?

You can find the checklist, together with all instructions, at Simply send the completed checklist to our event management service and if everything is in order you will receive an Eco-Event rating and can then advertise your event as such.

Events held by local government departments of the City of Vienna are conducted in accordance with the criteria of the ‘EcoBuy Vienna’ programme and thereby automatically fulfil the criteria for an Eco-Event.

ÖkoEvent - ecologically friendly events in Vienna

Exemplary ecological events are advertised and promoted with the Eco-Event rating. Event organisers receive support from the City of Vienna’s Event Management Service on how to organise their Eco-Event.

  • Free consultation for
  • Local government departments of the City of Vienna
  • Recipients of subsidies from the City of Vienna
  • Associations, NGOs, non-profit organisations
  • Viennese educational institutions

Sponsored consultation for professional event organisers as part of the Event Checks for the Eco-Business-Plan Vienna:

Further information, tips and resources:


City of Vienna Event Management Service
c/o "die umweltberatung", Environmental Consulting
01/ 803 32 32 – 13

Organise your event in an environmentally friendly fashion, and the environment will celebrate with you!